Our Story

Our Story

Reworks By Ferrin is a women’s reworked clothing brand dedicated to creating unique custom designs. Our clothing is made from secondhand materials, ones that are typically stained, battered, or ripped, and turned into beautiful custom pieces that will last you for decades to come.


Reworks by Ferrin is passionate about sustainability and keeping textile waste out of our landfills. All of our fabric scraps are recycled and turned into pet toys for local humane societies, isultation for homes and appliances, or prison mattresses. We strive for zero waste in every sector of our business practices!


I started Reworks by Ferrin in 2018 with the mission to help reduce textile waste in the fashion industry, while still creating unique pieces. I have always been passionate about women's fashion and self expression. My business model allows me to create items that are one of one, so each person can pick a piece of clothing that makes them feel good about themselves and lets them express who they truly are.

When you purchase from Reworks by Ferrin, you are not only defining who you are, but you're also helping our environment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting my mission and shopping sustainably!

Ferrin Schelvan
Owner/Founder of Reworks by Ferrin 

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